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Our pain today is part of our happiness tomorrow.

C.S.  Lewis (Shadowlands)

Please find stories below that have been submitted by others who have journeyed through some of there own trauma or greater missionary care needs.  Some of these stories are in the hope to encourage you in your journey.

Mark Kirby
Writes on “Questions he has asked in times of difficulty.” Mark lost his younger brother and more recently his own son at the age of eleven. Read online here.

Writes on her experience and some of the emotional journey travelled as a School Leader once she had received the call of the drowning of one of her students.
Read online here.

Rev, Mike Kirby
Writes on “When tragedy comes.”  Read the following short article from an established and inspired Minister of the Gospel on what learnt from the tragic loss of his own son at a young age and then only to have to endure and walk through yet the loss of a grandson also at a young age. Read on how the Lord over time had used this to mould his faith that helped him to find a deeper and more meaningful and enriching walk with Him. Read online here.

Dave Peter
Jesus’s Gethsemane our Gethsemane. (Victory is found in our greatest defeats.)