facilitating a helping process
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A Child Within.
This manual contains relevant information about the needs and often the emotional place of our children in need when facing issues of loss. It consists of manuals and is laid out in such a way that could be helpful as a training book or for reading that could assist our parents when needing to assist their children through loss.  It was birthed from the struggle and implications of HIV and Aid's within a community in South Africa.
Download here.

Children and Death.
A simple guide that could assist parents or care givers in approaching a death or tragedy with our children. Download here.

Coping with Loss.
An article on coping with loss covering such topics as influencing factors, stages and symptoms of grief, and when grief doesn't go away. Download here.

Supporting a grieving person.
Practical and helpful guidance in helping others through grief, loss and bereavement.
Download here.

Anticipatory Grief.
A mourning process can occur even when we sense that a loss is going to happen, but we don’t know exactly what it is yet or when it may happen. Download here.

Procedure after a death.
The following article contains some guidelines to consider covering in the event of a death of a student or staff member.
Download here.

D. Peter

God always has a purposeful intention in our lives, such is also true of our grief