facilitating a helping process
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Please download the appropriate PDF document that you might find helpful from the list below.

Children and Trauma.
A little information in regard to grief and trauma in children and how different age groups could experience it.
Download here.

Response to Trauma.
Covering what is trauma, types of trauma, common emotional feelings, profile of a de briefer and an outline plan for debriefing a traumatic incident.
Download here.

Coping with Disaster.
This comprehensive 104 page guide and manual to psychosocial interventions to help people cope with the emotional effects of disasters.
Download here.

Trauma Questionnaire.
An evaluation sheet that could help assist a leaders or a debriefer to try and get a better understanding to individuals response to trauma.
Download here.

Dave Peter

There is no greater loss than the loss suffered when we fail to find meaning in the initial loss experienced.