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Questions I Have Asked in Time of Difficulties.

Hi my name is Mark Kirby and have had the privilege of serving with YWAM for many years before leaving to start my own business.

Through my life I have faced my fair share of difficulties from which I believe I have learnt much.

When I was younger I lost my brother from David aged 10 yrs after complications from a brain tumour.

Four's years ago my wife and I lost our youngest son aged 11 yrs after a long struggle with a very rare brain disease.

I can still recall so vividly the nights that I spent tossing and turning been haunted by questions hundreds of them, painful nights while sleeping on the hospital floor to be with my son as he lay so motionless on his hospital bed.

Many questions and agonizing painful moments were shared with close friends one such person Dave Peter who was considered as a second father to our son.  We can clearly remember times when we felt that our pain was so great that we had been silenced by it.

Through these experiences I have asked some of these questions that if you are reading this now that you are most likely asking yourself.

1. Why me?
2. It's not fair what have I done wrong and what has my brother or son done wrong?
3. If God is a God of love why did he not heal them?
4. Why does he let our children die?
5. Why do the innocent have to suffer so?

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The sound of 'gentle stillness' after all the thunder and wind have passed will be the ultimate Word from God.

Jim Elliot